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Uplift your career with comprehensive hair restoration and straightening courses and become recognised professional in UK, Ireland and EU.

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What to expect

As official representatives of the globally recognized Vitaker company in London, we offer comprehensive hair restoration and straightening courses. These courses come with an official Vitaker certificate, recognized worldwide, and a CPD-accredited certificate, valid throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Europe.

Our training curriculum covers the fundamental Vitaker therapies, including:

  • The Vitaker Hydramax and Haireconstruct complex;
  • Vitaker Anti-Ageing Botox;
  • Vitaker “Sense” or “Xtraight” keratin straightening.
Stay up to date!

One of the unique benefits of our training is that we keep you updated with the latest products. If Vitaker releases new products, we provide you with all the necessary information, enabling you to confidently incorporate these new products into your work without additional training.

Our Training Schedule

10:00 – 11:30: Part 1 – Theory

  • Introduction to Vitaker’s range of products, including hair therapies and straightening systems for professionals.
  • Introduction to non-professional products available for daily use. This part includes information about sales and marketing strategies.

11:30 – 19:00: Part 2 – Practice with products and models

  • 11:30 – Introduction to Vitaker Hydramax and Haireconstruct complex.
  • 14:00 – Introduction to Vitaker Anti-Ageing Botox.
  • 16:30 – Introduction to Vitaker keratin straightening (Xtraight or Sense)

19.00 – Completion of the course

Presentation of certificates and gift baskets, and photos with the lecturer

Key Highlights of Our Training

  • We ensure your comfort by providing all meals and beverages during the training.
  • All necessary materials and tools are provided during the training.
  • Post-training, you’ll be able to purchase Vitaker products at a master’s price directly from us.
  • We offer promotional opportunities through all our social networks.

Our support extends beyond the training. We keep open communication for any questions or doubts you might have. Whether it’s about choosing the right therapy or daily use products, we’re here to guide you. Our goal is to instil confidence and self-assuredness in all our students.

Join us in this enriching journey and empower yourself with the knowledge and skills to excel in the world of professional hair care.