Matea #11 – Raspberry & Patchouli Luxury Room Spray


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Indulge in the mysterious and inviting Raspberry and Patchouli Luxury Room Spray, a handcrafted scent masterpiece that brings a unique blend of sweetness and earthiness to your home. This exquisite room spray is housed in a sophisticated matt black bottle, embodying elegance and luxury in every spritz.

Notes of Matea #11 - Raspberry & Patchouli Luxury Room Spray

  • Top: Dry Amber, Raspberry
  • Heart: Cedarwood, Patchouli
  • Base: Balsamic, Musk

No. 11 is a fragrance that whispers tales of intrigue and intimacy. It begins with the rich warmth of dry amber, paired with a hint of sweet, tart raspberry—a compelling introduction that piques curiosity.

Moving deeper, the scent unfolds into the robust, woody essence of cedarwood, mingled with the earthy depth of patchouli. It’s like a secret hideaway in a forest, hidden and yet inviting.

The fragrance culminates in a soft, enduring base of musk, with a drop of balsamic adding a smooth, almost velvety finish. It’s a scent that makes your bedroom not just a place to sleep but a sanctuary for relaxation or romance. Its subtle allure also makes it a perfect companion for your wardrobe, gently enfolding your clothes in its enigmatic embrace.

How to use Matea #11 Room Spray

To fully enjoy our room spray, follow these straightforward instructions:

  1. Gently shake the bottle before use to ensure the fragrance oils are well-mixed.
  2. Spray the mist into the air to release the lovely aromas.
  3. Depending on the desired scent strength, spray generously into the air as needed.

Warning: Do not spray directly onto furnishings, open flames, or other heat sources. Do not spray directly onto fabrics or surfaces as they may become marked. So not store near open flames, or other heat sources.

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Matea #11 – Raspberry & Patchouli Luxury Room Spray

3 in stock